Professional General Practitioner (GP) Doctors In Newington

Your family doctor or GP is normally the first individual you visit if you have a medical problem. They arrange your regular health checkups and can take care of you through your entire life.

In simple terms, GPs are doctors who specialise in the discipline of medicine known as general practice. They have wide information and the ability to treat all the medical problems you may have through your life. Since your GP becomes acquainted with you, your community and your family, they can give care that is tailored to your unique needs.

Priority Medical Centre is the first name that pops up on searches when you are looking for a GP near Newington. Our specialised doctors will be able to treat your condition, or decide to refer you to someone with more in-depth knowledge and training, for example a gynaecologist, a pediatrician or an orthopedic surgeon. We can provide referrals to many different specialists. We can usually treat most ailments, and we can order diagnostic tests such as blood tests to inform our treatment plan. Our doctors will examine your health thoroughly, provide prescriptions for medication and treatment accordingly.

When you should visit the General Practitioners of Priority Medical Centre:

  • health advice
  • minor injuries and illnesses
  • ongoing care if you are going through a chronic condition
  • prescriptions for medicines
  • vaccinations
  • health screening, for example, blood pressure checks or cervical screening
  • care for children
  • care during pregnancy
  • a certified document, medical certificate, or details about an injury
  • care if you’re sensing depressed or overwhelmed

As you know, GP is the first person you contact when seeking advice and treatment on individual wellbeing and health. Our way of thinking is to give the best care to our patients and furthermore to enable our patients to take responsibility for their wellbeing by concentrating on avoiding illness and making lifestyle changes that will help diminish the effects of illness or disease.

Our family practice is committed to providing you, your friends and family with customised and expert quality healthcare with a wide range of medical services. Our motivation is to allow our primary care physicians to give you the best quality health care in a beautiful calm environment.

Priority Medical Centre offers certain allied healthcare in addition to our primary care for patients in Newington. Visit us today for vaccinations and additional health-related issues. Our health experts and medical practitioners are qualified experts who work effectively at our medical centre to guarantee that you get ideal help to accomplish your goal of healthy living. All our staff are focused on their motivation – to improve the wellbeing of every single person who is endeavouring to put their wellbeing first.

Priority Medical Centre is operated and managed by industry specialists. The majority of our wellbeing experts, including Exercise Physiologists, Doctors, Nutritionists and Health Coaches have broad experience in the field of wellbeing as well as preventative health care. They all have the essential qualifications to practice in their field, and we have strict criteria for employment retention and appointments to guarantee we deliver the absolute best health care.

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  • Men’s Health

  • Women’s Health

  • Children’s Health
  • Workplace Injuries
  • Pathology Collection
  • Ultrasound Imaging
  • Pre Employment Health Checks
  • Health Assessments- All Ages
  • Chronic Disease Management