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Priority Medical Centre is a specialised medical centre with a great reputation in the local area. We are dedicated to ensuring that patients in the Westmead area are given the right length of time to discuss their concerns, so that the GP can properly understand and diagnose the problems that the patients present. It is important to develop a close and professional relationship with a GP that you trust so that you can consult them as you need, according to your schedule. Over time, your medical records can reflect a particular pattern that can alert your GP to particular concerns and help you address it with either lifestyle adjustments or to start a course of treatment or drug therapy.

Our female and male GPs near Westmead have involvement in all pieces of general work on, including crisis treatment and minor medical procedures. We will empower you to get the best clinical treatment if you are injured, unwell or having a serious illness.

Our doctors are highly trained in all aspects of general practice and they will treat you or refer you to a medical specialist with a special knowledge in your situation. We work with different doctors and diagnostic physicians to enable a prompt return to health and comfort.
Here are the following services that are provided by our General Practitioners

Family Planning:
All of our General Practitioners (GP) are knowledgeable about all types of contraception, from temporary to permanent. We discuss your options with you and can provide most.

Maternity Care:
Our expert GP’s goal is to provide the best treatment for your maternity health issues. We provide routine checkups on the progress of your pregnancy and liaise with your obstetrician or midwife.

Wellbaby Clinic: Our medical focus is proposed to give complete care to your children from birth until five years old. It includes developmental checks and general advice.

Pap smears: All women between 16 – 65 should have regular pap smears to detect any signs of ovarian cancer. Ask your GP when you are due for your next one. We do this sensitively and gently.

Influenza shots: Influenza shots are available annually to all members of your family. Some workplaces pay for these, so ask us about it.
Minor Surgery: If you have small lumps to be removed, we have the expertise to handle that in our treatment rooms.

Heart Clinic: Our General Practitioners are experts in routine checkups to detect heart problems in Westmead residents. If you have already been diagnosed with a heart condition, you can come to us for routine testing.

General Health Check: We recommend you go for a checkup even if you don’t think you have any health issues. We can detect anything that may indicate trouble in the future and then make a plan to reduce the risk.

Physiotherapy: We have an excellent physiotherapy expert that gives a comprehensive combination of standard physiotherapy.

Diabetes Clinic: A considerable segment of our diabetic patients are treated with these specialist clinics near Westmead.

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  • Men’s Health

  • Women’s Health

  • Children’s Health
  • Workplace Injuries
  • Pathology Collection
  • Ultrasound Imaging
  • Pre Employment Health Checks
  • Health Assessments- All Ages
  • Chronic Disease Management